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March 26, 2010

Eight tough miles, as I said, on Tuesday. On Wednesday I met Little G and we ran a couple of miles together. As we split up, I glanced down at Garmie and realized I was running just over 9-minute miles. And I’d been doing this while keeping up a chattery conversation with my friend.

I finished off six miles, trying hard not to pay attention to my pace, and when I was done I was happily surprised to find my overall pace for the whole run was 9:19. That’s a satisfying pace, especially because it seemed to come without too much effort.

Had six on the schedule for yesterday, Thursday, then a day off today and a 12-miler tomorrow. But, stupidly, when I wrote that schedule out I’d forgotten a glorious day-long date with the Boss tomorrow which means no long run. So I planned six for each day Thursday and Friday.

But when I set out yesterday I felt pretty good, and figured whatever mileage I tacked on to that run would be a good addition. And I’d seen a few neighborhoods near my place that I wanted to explore. So I started exploring on the run, trying to do it without Garmin-hawking, and found myself back home a little while later having completed 8½ miles at an average 9:35 pace.

So maybe the difficulty of running is past for now, and I’m getting back into a more regular habit. Yay for me!

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