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March Summary

April 6, 2010

For comparison’s sake, I thought I’d do a little number-crunching.

This March, I ran a total of 100.7 miles in 19 runs. I ran one race, the Spring Training 10k (but the Bud Lite Challenge was the last weekend two days in February). I only ran two “hard” runs–one fast-finish with the last two miles at tempo pace and one interval session. The quality numbers don’t bother me so much, because March always seems to be a rebuilding month for me, last year after the first marathon and this year after the Challenge. So I expect easier running, but I’m not sure I expect quite so many down days. My longest runs this month were a couple of 8½-milers and one 9½-mile run.

Here’s the numbers for the same month last year:

total mileage:77.8
total runs: 11
races: 1 (my first 26.2)
quality runs: 1 interval session.

Low numbers, but you have to remember I ran the marathon literally on the first day of the month, so this represents post-race taper and the days I was on the bench without a toenail.

As for year-to-date, here’s the numbers. Just for fun, I also ran the numbers from my best season of running, 2008, even though that was also my rookie year.

2010 mileage 1/1-3/31: 377
# of runs: 48

2009 mileage 1/1-3/31: 391
# of runs: 47

2008 tmileage 1/1-3/31: 327
# of runs: 62

I find the last set of numbers enormously interesting. First of all, the difference between last year and this year’s YTD mileage is just 14 miles, even though last year I was training for a marathon. This year I completed almost that distance in the Challenge, and only used four weeks to prep for it. You can see by the number of runs that it’s a few longer runs that have made a difference there.

As for the 2008 mileage, I really find it interesting, simply because the number of runs is so high. I was definitely not tapering from any races that year, but my runs, though more frequent, must also have been shorter.

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  1. April 8, 2010 10:19 am

    Nice stats! Pat yourself on the back for more mileage and more days-of-running 🙂 Overall you are chasing down ’09 mileage too! You have plenty of time to catch up and surpass it.

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