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Not a Streaker

April 19, 2010

Almost by accident, I ended up running 12 days in a row over the last couple of weeks. It was nice to see the workouts stacking up, a string of unbroken running going back almost two solid weeks. But as the mileage added up, I knew my knees were feeling it, and it was not good. I started wearing KT tape more often.

So I really looked forward to my scheduled rest day on Friday. Mind you, when it came, I was really tempted to lace up my shoes and head out for an easy 2 miles, just to keep the bars on that graph running solid. Instead, I did the difficult thing and stayed in bed.

I was thankful on Saturday, when I rose early, intending to put in 10 miles. I packed my fuel belt with my phone and some sport beans and grabbed my Sprint bottle, knowing that 10 miles in April would require mid-run hydration.

I set out later than I wanted, waiting until a brief rain shower had passed, and started covering the miles. Though it seemed to take a lot longer than I would have liked, and required some quick mental calculations so I didn’t end up short of the 10 miles (which caused me to end up long–I so cannot do math on the run!), I was happily surprised to find that my overall pace was 9:26, faster than I usually plan on for my long runs. (Don’t pop my bubble and remind me that I’d need to sustain that pace over 26 long miles to get close to my 4-hour dream time at my next marathon.)

Ran 4 easy miles the day after, yesterday, at a much slower pace, taking it easy on purpose. Meant to put in 6 today but forecast thunderstorms kept me inside, and something tells me it’s just as well. My knee had felt twingy and not like itself yesterday, and the extra rest day may be a good idea. Besides, as I keep reminding myself, I’m not actually in training, and to hurt myself during the off season is the very height of foolishness.

So, last week:

Sunday: 4 easy
Monday: 6 easy
Tuesday: 7 tempo, middle miles @ 9:00
Wednesday: 7 easy
Thursday: 4 easy
Friday: scheduled rest day
Saturday: 11 @ 9:26 overall

That’s a total of 39 miles, pretty high mileage for the off season, and the reason I kept the run so short on Thursday.

This week I have an interval session scheduled, maybe mile repeats, if this weather pattern will leave us. It seems to be bringing cooler air, which is absolutely unbelievable to me considering the late date. I’m a little worried about what this means for our summer–we’re probably in store for a very hot and humid one.

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