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A Season of Rest

May 22, 2010

I think I’ve finally settled into a good, easy rhythm. As I mentioned earlier, I think I ran way too many miles in April, putting in long runs that weren’t really necessary in the middle of the week and put me at risk of burn-out or, worse, injury.

I’ve been more watchful of my own legs this month, taking two days off each week–though not always the same days–and capping mid-week runs at 7 miles or so. Though I’m still enjoying occasional faster running, I’m not doing so by a schedule. I run fast on the days I feel like it, never after Thursday, and mostly in a fartlek pattern, running fast until the next landmark, then easing off for a while. Or sometimes I run slowly for a few miles and then push hard for the last two. This kind of speedwork, without set goals in pace, has kept me fresh without pushing me, and I’m thankful for it–for now. Though I want to be fast in my marathon,* that race is just too far out for me to be pushing myself on mile repeats right now.

So, this week: 5 easy on Sunday, off on Monday, 6 fast on Tuesday, 5 easy on Wednesday and Thursday, and 12 yesterday. I’m taking today off.

I’m hitting 33 or 34 miles on the week pretty consistently, though I’m not doing it on purpose, and this mileage will keep me engaged without getting hurt. The goal is to keep a long run base of 10 to 14 miles but, again, it’s a long time til the marathon.

I will confess that yesterday’s long run was not fun, and I had to make myself get out there and also make myself not turn back. But discipline in the midst of unstructured training is not impossible, and I’m glad I got the run done. These are the runs I call to mind in difficult spots in races, to remind me of my own bullheadedness and commitment to speed and endurance.

*Little G and I are determined to be fleet of feet on November 28, at the Space Coast Marathon. It’s very far out, which is good for her since she tweaked something at Boston and we both want to make sure she gives it plenty of time to heal before we start training. We’re really looking forward to this race.

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  1. May 23, 2010 8:22 pm

    i often dread long runs — they feel so good to get done though, and way better than cutting it short and having to feel guilty all day.

    glad you have eased into a ‘good place’ with your running!

  2. the Ringmaster permalink*
    May 25, 2010 2:45 pm

    Thanks, Lindsay. Always feels good to know I’m not the only one out there who struggles sometimes . . . And yes, it’s good to be in a rhythm!

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