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Summer Daze

May 25, 2010

The alarm went off today . . . and I did not. I hate it when I do that because most of the time, instead of going back to sleep, I lie awake thinking, “If I get up NOW how far could I run? How about NOW?” Or I spend the time making bargains with myself: “Okay, I’ll sleep in, but I’ll do an extra Pilates workout later.” Or trying to play the part of my own defense attorney: “No, you really should rest. Remember how that knee felt yesterday? Not good. Definitely shouldn’t push it, especially when you’re not in training. Remember that Memorial Day race. Better save it.”


When I finally got up today I dove right into my running clothes, which were stashed in their special place in our bathroom. So what if it’s 90 degrees by 9am? I decided part of my punishment for my laziness was going to be running in the heat of the day.

After taking the Monkey to school (only one day of preschool left!), I drove myself over to the green area near our house, filled up my Sprint bottle with cold water, and set off. I was as prepared as I could be–I was wearing lightweight, light-colored clothing, had my visor and sunglasses, and was prepared to cut the run short if I needed to.

I figured I’d be happy with 3 miles, and ended up with 4, so I’m delighted.

As for the preserve itself, I’m shocked at how much it’s changed in the weeks since the last time I ran there. The kudzu has gone absolutely insane, completely overtaking paths I ran on in March. I saw fewer ducks in the water, and instead observed a lot more dragonflies and bees. I also saw what I’m hoping was a mouse, scurrying into the underbrush ahead of me.

Pace was fairly fast for an easy run. It usually happens that I’m faster on the sandy trails, which makes no sense since you have to be so much more intentional about your footing so you don’t trip over a root or a pinecone. But the softer surface was a delight, especially since I’m way overdue for new shoes.

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