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Hit the Decks

May 26, 2010

Lovely run this morning with Little G, getting to start at around 6 am since (a) she’s not working, (b) my Bible study is finished for the academic year, and (c) I overslept.

So as we set out, me still very sleepy indeed, it was just before 6am, and the sun was already starting to color the sky pink. I got to leave all my reflective / light-up gear at home! What a great day to be alive, my friends!

We hit one of the residential neighborhoods that’s built in circular loops for the first four miles or so, then hit the water fountains. Then Little G realized that, with the sun being up already, it was the perfect time to hit a spot we’ve been eyeing for our training.

The parking deck.

Florida–at least our portion of it–has a lack of hills, and we usually hit bridges to get some hillwork in. But that means driving, and it’s something neither of us generally have time for midweek. For a few months now we’ve been wondering about the possibility of doing hillwork by running up the decks of the parking garage and then running down–in the early morning, there’s little traffic, and we figured we’d get a nice tough slope before heading back down. Our concern was safety–not so much from cars but from the fact that parking garages are generally fairly isolated places.

But today was perfect–we were together, and both carrying cell phones. And like I said, it was light out when we got there. We did two trips up the ramps and down, and loved every minute of it. We both hit the top of the 3-story structure fairly out of breath the first time, then turned around and felt like we did better the second time up.

I’m thankful for the option this will give us for marathon training. With some careful scheduling to make sure we never get there before dark, I think we can use the decks for hillwork, do another speed workout during the week, and then do our long runs on the weekend, leaving us in great shape to shatter our PR’s at Space Coast.

Can you tell how excited I am at the chance to run my second marathon?

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  1. May 28, 2010 5:01 am

    i have thought many times about “hill training” in a parking garage but you are right – a little too scary to do alone! (even if it is mid-day) those places just have a creepy feel to them, especially in the early morning. i’d do it if i had a running buddy!

  2. the Ringmaster permalink*
    May 29, 2010 6:49 am

    LOL Too many scenes a la Pelican Brief, right? On a different note, Lindsay, I’m thankful your season of Kentucky work is finished. Here’s to shorter work hours, longer runs, and many running buds!

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