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Weekly Review

May 29, 2010

Time to crunch the numbers.

Sunday: easy 5 mi in 46:42, avg pace 9:21
Monday: fast finish 6 in 55:45, last two miles sub-8:30
Tuesday: easy 4 in 38:44, avg pace 9:42
Wednesday: easy 7.5 in 1:09, with two hill miles, avg pace 9:12
Thursday: easy 6 in 58:02, avg pace 9:41
Friday: scheduled rest day
Saturday: unscheduled rest day
weekly total: 28.5 miles

I sit here in my clean running clothes, deciding less than a half-mile into today’s scheduled 8-miler to turn today’s workout into a walk instead. My ankle felt iffy, and since I’m planning to run a race on Monday, I figured the extra rest would do me some good. Besides, I keep telling myself, I. Am. Not. Training.

Feel pretty good with the week in spite of the missed longer run. Good pacing in there, and two good quality hard runs on Monday and Wednesday. Also feel good because this was supposed to be a cutback week with no true long run, so missing the 8-miler isn’t huge.

The only shame is that it felt downright cool out there today, with temps in the mid-70s instead of low 80s. But sometimes good sense has to rule the day.

Can’t wait for Monday’s race! I have run this one the past three years and look forward to it every Memorial Day. It’s a fairly hilly course, which is unusual for Florida, and the twists and turns always keep me guessing until the final straightaway. It’s often my first race of the spring, and the heat always stupidly surprises me, slowing me down and pushing my resolve. I don’t typically finish well, and find that in the last years I’ve improved significantly by the end of the summer, which is always good to see.

Are there races that keep drawing you back? What is it about those events that makes you return?

Do you have races you look forward to running every year–those quirky races that won’t be good PR attempts but keep drawing you back? What is it about some races that pulls you back time after time?

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