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Space Coast Training, Week 1

August 10, 2010

Our training schedule for last week called for 6 easy on Monday, 8 miles of speedwork on Tuesday, 6 easy on Wednesday, 6 on Friday, and 8 easy miles Saturday as our first “long” run of the training season.

As I said before, I did the 6 easy on Monday, and managed 6 of speedwork Tuesday. I stuck to the schedule fairly well the rest of the week, so that I ended up with 32 of the planned 34 miles.

Su: scheduled rest day
M: E6 in 57:00, overall pace 9:31
T: I6 in 54:38, fastest mile interval in 7:53
W: E6 in 57:30, overall pace 9:36
F: E6 in 58:48, overall pace 9:49
Sa: “long” 8 in 1:14:31, overall pace 9:31

I feel good about this start to the season, and plan on setting a time goal once I feel more warmed up and see my mile repeat times going down. For now, I’m thankful to be running pretty easy, and especially thankful to be back on a schedule.

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  1. August 11, 2010 10:07 am

    Great week! Hope the majority of your weeks will be like this one 🙂

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