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Bad News, Good News

November 12, 2010

It’s like this: it wasn’t the inserts.

The shin splints are back, and I’m not sure I’m running this race. I’m waiting til it’s late enough to call the running doc, but I’m not hopeful that it’s wise to still run this 26.2 in two weeks. I’m angry with myself because I know better; I’ve been woefully low on mileage and I feel like I’ve been disrespectful of the marathon distance and what it takes to finish it. To put in the work I’ve put in, and the number of dark o’clock runs I have, to get this close to the start line and then know I’m probably going to wind up with a DNS . . .

I’m too emotional to even write about it.

But, there’s good news for you!

One of my favorite bloggers has another giveaway going on today only! Don’t miss out. This guy is lives in a timewarp. He travels all over the world for his work, which by the way does not include running, yet he is an incredible athlete, completing triathlons in incredible times, and still maintains an incredibly detailed, expertly written blog about running, swimming, biking, and all the technology athletes might ever hope to use. If you haven’t discovered DC Rainmaker yet, please head on over to his blog and educate yourself. You won’t be sorry.


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