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June 23, 2012

I’ve been moving toward this number slowly. I last ran 30 miles in a week in March, and then my weekly mileage took a nosedive, tanking with a couple of weeks as low as 12 or 13. But I always knew the goal was to return to a baseline of 30 miles per week. If I can hang out for a few weeks at that level of mileage, I’ll feel comfortable with my strength before the real training begins later this summer, and I’ll also feel good about my legs supporting regular double-digit long runs; I never feel good about my long runs comprising too much of my overall mileage.

My April mileage, woeful:

wk of 4/1: 30 in 5 runs, 1 tempo

wk of 4/8: 21 in 4 runs, 1 hill, 1 race

wk of 4/15: 12 in 2 runs, all easy

wk of 4/22: 18 in 4 runs, all easy



wk of 4/29: 13 miles in 3 runs, all easy

wk of 5/6: 18.5 in 3 runs, all easy

wk of 5/13: 20 miles in 3 runs, one 9-miler

wk of 5/20: 24 in 4 runs, one 8-miler

wk of 5/27: 18 in 3 runs, all easy



wk of 6/3: 23 in 4 runs, all easy

wk of 6/10: 28 in 4 runs, 1 tempo, 1 10-miler

wk of 6/17: 31 in 5 runs, 1 10-miler

As you can see, I started the mileage buildup at the end of May, and have not been strictly following the 10% rule, which says you should increase your distance only 10% from week to week. However, since I was at the 30 mile-per-week level only a couple of months ago, I figure I can add distance a little faster as long as I don’t overdo it adding too many quality workouts at the same time. (The tempo I ran last week was weather-aided; I picked up the pace to avoid a sudden summer rainstorm.)

Now that I’ve hit 30 miles per week, I plan to stay here for a while. The goal is to maintain the current level: five runs a week, double-digit long runs. I’ll add a quality workout once a week, probably a tempo run or a fartlek since they are the least demanding. I can hang out at this level of work until  August, especially since I’ll have to be flexible during weeks when either the Boss is traveling alone for work or we’re all away on vacation. In the meantime, I’ve also got to get my sleep and headaches back under control before training begins. With an eye on a few half marathons in the fall and a marathon in early February, as well as the Gasparilla races at the end of that month, Little G and I will probably start training in earnest at the end of July.

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