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Marathon Predictions

November 19, 2008

Let’s see.

McMillan has me coming in at 3:53:15; this works out to an 8:55 pace.

The average prediction at Running for Fitness is 3:50:07, an 8:46 pace.

The formula at Chicago Endurance Sports says I should finish 26.2 in 3:50:35, at an 8:49 (they use Reigel’s formula).

Marathon Guide’s prediction is 3:51:38, an 8:51 pace.

Marathon Anners’ formula has me crossing the finish line in 247 minutes, or 4:07. This works out to a 9:26 pace.

I can’t believe it. My original goal was not to be too embarassed and be even close to a 4:30.

Okay, next up, picking a race. I’d originally aimed to run A1A, where I ran my first half, but now I’m thinking of waiting and running Hartford in October. Decisions, decisions.

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