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About my Extended Absence

July 29, 2009

No, I have not quit running. No, I am not injured, and no, I have not lost my compulsion to write about my training.

Only, in the last few weeks, did I lose any time to tell you about my training, and I apologize to the few of you who actually were checking to see what I was up to; I find it disappointing to check the blogs I follow to find no new updates. How dare they not keep me up-to-date?

So, I apologize for that.

Training season for my upcoming half marathon started this week, on Sunday. Predictably, the week before that, I caught the Lamb’s cold. Also predictably, since stubbornness is both my best and worst attribute as a runner, I chose to run through it (hey, I never had a fever) (okay, I never checked). I logged close to 40 miles that week in spite of it, though I did take off Thursday, my most congested day. Instead, I ran Friday, my regular off day, then ran long Saturday with Little G, and did 14 miles. Ran again Sunday, my new embedded-circuit training 4-miler. Ran another 4 Monday, the day my car broke down (don’t want to talk about it) and the a/c at the house stopped working. After sleeping in 90-degree heat, I decided to shirk the run Tuesday. I’d run 27 miles on 4 consecutive days and decided adding another 19 or so in the next 3 wasn’t going to add anything, or get me off on the right foot for the first week of training. It was supposed to be speedwork day, an admittedly important part of my training for my half, but here was my logic:

  1. Little G and I ran our 14 on Saturday–in July–in 2:11. That’s including one mile on the sand at a 10:30 pace. So I’m pretty sure I could still sub-2 a half this weekend, pretty much, if I chose.
  2. It’s the beginning of training, not the end of it. I’m not burning myself out right now just for training’s sake.
  3. I doubt if on race day, sixteen weeks out, I’ll cross the line in 1:55 or anywhere else short of my goal, look back, and think, “You know what, it’s that one day of mile repeats that I missed that did me in.” Yes, I shirked it. No, I’m not sorry.

And that’s the story of my first week of training. Today I did another 8½ with Little G. Both of us felt pretty wiped when we started, but we finished in about 1:10, giving us hope of a good training season.

Okay, again, I apologize for my silence; I intend to be better about being accountable.

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  1. July 30, 2009 7:30 pm

    the wonders of google reader or another rss feed are awesome. it automatically keeps a list of all the updated blogs for you 🙂 so, hopefully less disappointment that way.

    glad all is well with you. i have excused myself from a few runs/workout days in the past and i am sure missing one or two won’t hurt. just don’t make it a regular habit, though i don’t get the impression you will let it get that way.

  2. July 31, 2009 4:08 am

    Glad that youre back! : ) Knock us down with your wonderful words. Good luck now on everything! Kudos!

  3. August 16, 2009 9:34 pm

    You’re not the only one who has taken an extended break from blogging. I think I’ve updated my blog twice in about 2 months. But, I’ve also taken a break from reading blogs. Sometimes life interferes. For me, at least, the things that kept me from blogging and reading were really important (closing out a job and packing up our house for a return overseas). Glad you’re back.

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